Top 55 Favorite 2PM Japanese Songs | Live Performance Compilation

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This is a reuploaded video from a compilation I put together last year. The last video was partially blocked by SonyJPN so I made a few changes (i.e. shortened some clips or use different ones entirely) to help make sure this video doesn't get partially blocked in the future.
Let's hope with 2PM reuniting for group promotions this year there will be even more wonderful songs added to this list sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy watching some of my favorite live clips from their concert performances!!
*There are a few songs without concert clips in this video because 2PM hasn't performed them yet. Let's hope they'll rectify this soon~
This what the previous video description had:
And now for my list of favorite 2PM Japanese songs! If you haven't seen my other compilations you can find them here:
I put these compilations together for fun often highlighting some of my favorite moments from some of 2PM's concerts. Most of these songs are loosely placed in my personal preference order so please don't pay too much attention to the song ranking and enjoy 2PM doing what they do best!
A few songs were omitted to keep this compilation a reasonable length. Subunit songs were also omitted in favor of OT6 group songs. You can find basically their entire Japanese (as well as most of their Korean) discography on their Spotify artist page here:
Just like with my list of favorite Korean songs, I only included songs that were originally released in Japan in this list. So Midaretemina and the Japanese versions of some of 2PM's title tracks were excluded from this compilation and their respected Korean versions can be found in my other video.
Also note that the concert clips used in this compilation are from my personal collection. I will not be posting full clips of the songs - but you can find most if not all of these clips already on BGvideo. If you're unsure which concert/event a clip is from feel free to ask!
And lastly some of their earlier songs appeared on multiple releases (i.e. singles, full length and best of albums). Instead of listing all the albums a song appeared on I went with just one, usually in favor of the full length album version.

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