Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

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  1. P R
    P R
    преди 12 секунди

    That guy can bite like a shark

  2. Tyran Mallard
    Tyran Mallard
    преди минута

    Drop that link

  3. Treasure
    преди минута


  4. H G
    H G
    преди 2 минути

    내가 치는게 뭔지는 너희들이 변역기 돌려서 알았으면 좋겠다

    1. H G
      H G
      преди 23 секунди

      translate this plz

  5. Tyran Mallard
    Tyran Mallard
    преди 2 минути

    What Cali ya smokin

  6. Charles Stephens
    Charles Stephens
    преди 2 минути

    So good

  7. Misha 44
    Misha 44
    преди 3 минути

    [Gangster twerking]

  8. Xin Nook
    Xin Nook
    преди 5 минути

    Pls don’t sell your soul pls get it back plsss

  9. Tanu k
    Tanu k
    преди 6 минути

    *Justicely twerking*

  10. Tanu k
    Tanu k
    преди 6 минути

    *Bieberly twerking*

  11. Mihai Vladut
    Mihai Vladut
    преди 6 минути

    someone from Romania here?

  12. Isabel Freitas
    Isabel Freitas
    преди 6 минути

    viciadaaaaa nessa música

  13. Aditya
    преди 10 минути

    love from India

  14. Simone Martins
    Simone Martins
    преди 12 минути

    Que música gostosa. Viciante 💜✨

  15. SergioVideos
    преди 13 минути

    "Justin Bieber's voice makes everything better" - Ed Sheeran

  16. Chiya Zebari
    Chiya Zebari
    преди 15 минути


  17. spider man
    spider man
    преди 16 минути

    Best singer 🙂

  18. Ishmit Gupta
    Ishmit Gupta
    преди 18 минути

    Legend .

  19. Mira G.
    Mira G.
    преди 20 минути

    Daniel Caesar’s voice is my coffee in the morning

  20. Hardeep Kajal
    Hardeep Kajal
    преди 20 минути

    I see 3 humans no colour

  21. Mary Dodger
    Mary Dodger
    преди 21 минута

    "Justin Bieber's voice makes everything better" -Ed Sheeran

    1. Charles Stephens
      Charles Stephens
      преди 3 минути

      So good

    2. The Guy
      The Guy
      преди 7 минути


  22. margarita zamago
    margarita zamago
    преди 21 минута

    omg this music is so good that i cant stop hearing this!!!!

  23. ambivalentza
    преди 21 минута

    “2021 is getting worse day by day” Justin Bieber: Let us fix that real quick

  24. King Ali
    King Ali
    преди 27 минути

    Justin is happily twerking

  25. King Ali
    King Ali
    преди 27 минути

    Justin is​ so hilarious 😂

  26. King Ali
    King Ali
    преди 28 минути

    Let's​ see how many legends are watching​ this masterpiece in April​

  27. Diego Palomo
    Diego Palomo
    преди 29 минути


  28. King Ali
    King Ali
    преди 29 минути

    Happily Twerking:-)

  29. Kristina Hmz
    Kristina Hmz
    преди 32 минути

    Man, Daniel Caesar's part is so good 🔥

  30. valar masi
    valar masi
    преди 33 минути

    C'mon guys 200M by May

  31. HS gamer
    HS gamer
    преди 35 минути

    i got my peaches out in georgia..

  32. jhn b
    jhn b
    преди 35 минути

    Justin Bieber ❤️

  33. Rocio Velazquez
    Rocio Velazquez
    преди 35 минути

    Temazo como todos los que hace Justin 😍😙

  34. eni susanti
    eni susanti
    преди 35 минути


  35. Niko Lai
    Niko Lai
    преди 36 минути

    Justine's music is masterpiece✨

  36. Randhir Singh Pandher
    Randhir Singh Pandher
    преди 36 минути

    ‘JUSTICE’ Is The Best Album Of justinBieber

  37. Kelly Fraser
    Kelly Fraser
    преди 36 минути

    2:13 I'm not making drama but justin bieber stole harry styles hes outfits

    1. imagination
      преди 15 минути

      shut up lmaoo he’s wearing a suit like any other men!! so in your opinion anyone who wears suit is copying Harry?? then probably my dad copies harry lmaoo ur so embarrassing

  38. vinod manzrekar
    vinod manzrekar
    преди 39 минути

    Justin did garba🤣😂🤣😂 2:52

  39. Quatel Quandor
    Quatel Quandor
    преди 41 минута

    I might have to copy Giveon’s wardrobe 💯😭💯😭

  40. Stinky Fart
    Stinky Fart
    преди 42 минути

    This song is absolutely trash

  41. Oscar Duchenne
    Oscar Duchenne
    преди 43 минути

    this song is trash

    1. Xlant GameR
      Xlant GameR
      преди 19 минути

      Just like you

    2. Oscar Duchenne
      Oscar Duchenne
      преди 36 минути

      @Snehil Das stfu dauwg

    3. Snehil Das
      Snehil Das
      преди 39 минути

      Just like you

  42. santosh kumar shahi
    santosh kumar shahi
    преди 43 минути

    Beliebers goal is 1B in one year com'on I know we can do it🔥🔥🔥

  43. Anika Dagar
    Anika Dagar
    преди 46 минути

    One hit song after so many flopped song😅😅😅🥳🥳🥳

    1. Xlant GameR
      Xlant GameR
      преди 18 минути

      Just becoz u don't like them does not mean those are flop songs those were hits u can see he won many awards

  44. E.U Eises
    E.U Eises
    преди 48 минути

    Okay but Daniel's part though 😭😭😭

  45. el olivar
    el olivar
    преди 51 минута

    Justin bieber's voice is a medicine to my ear

  46. Junaid Robot
    Junaid Robot
    преди 51 минута

    I used to be a fan, but after listening to this masterpiece I am a air conditioner

  47. Prabhashankar Nath Tiwari
    Prabhashankar Nath Tiwari
    преди 52 минути

    Be safe

  48. อรุณ โลหะ
    อรุณ โลหะ
    преди 53 минути

    New Single

  49. Rashid Bahir
    Rashid Bahir
    преди 54 минути

    People who dislike this Song THANKS FOR 72K VIEWS

  50. Sibahari Bhusal
    Sibahari Bhusal
    преди 56 минути


  51. Avijeet Turi
    Avijeet Turi
    преди 56 минути

    Warning: you'll get addicted to this song;

    1. cass
      преди 54 минути

      So true

  52. Satish Kamble
    Satish Kamble
    преди 59 минути

    fucking bad song you are a gay😂 love from dubai 😂

  53. SAMI ALI
    преди час

    Canada music to the world

  54. jeff pelare
    jeff pelare
    преди час

    this song so cool (:

  55. The Orchideous Sisters
    The Orchideous Sisters
    преди час

    whos also here before it hits 500m

  56. Joy Praisy
    Joy Praisy
    преди час


  57. Marshall Mathers
    Marshall Mathers
    преди час

    0:20 0:20 0:20 0:20

  58. lil Carti236
    lil Carti236
    преди час

    This shit hit and I don't even like his music jit this shit🔥

  59. sGaming Op
    sGaming Op
    преди час

    Justin Is back

  60. RunniN IT
    RunniN IT
    преди час

    This slaps. I f**kin love the chorus

  61. Sunny Sharma
    Sunny Sharma
    преди час

    I see no peaches

  62. 김민성
    преди час

    This song is a drug.

  63. anastasia zarandia
    anastasia zarandia
    преди час

    l love justin biber

  64. Kamakhya Mazumder
    Kamakhya Mazumder
    преди час


  65. Frantíšek Svoboda
    Frantíšek Svoboda
    преди час


  66. Kallux
    преди час

    never would’ve expected this collab but I’m not complaining

  67. Floyd Connally
    Floyd Connally
    преди час


  68. Ettore Caracci
    Ettore Caracci
    преди час

    ONLY ONE THING TO SAY: it's lit...

  69. Rafael Arasaad
    Rafael Arasaad
    преди час

    i very like this song i never boring to listening this song thanks Justin Bieber for this song 😁😆

  70. miri wacokecoke
    miri wacokecoke
    преди час

    So cool

  71. João Vitor Mafra Oficial
    João Vitor Mafra Oficial
    преди час


  72. Lil golfza
    Lil golfza
    преди час


  73. Conor Moran
    Conor Moran
    преди час

    How better this would be with different feats is crazyyy

  74. Lori Aldrich
    Lori Aldrich
    преди час

    Never been a Bieber fan, but I am now.

  75. MiftahEDM Anti Teroris B3rc4dar
    MiftahEDM Anti Teroris B3rc4dar
    преди час


  76. Toiba tariq
    Toiba tariq
    преди час

    Biebs are you talking about selena?

  77. Ashmit Ghosh
    Ashmit Ghosh
    преди час

    My soul seems to be in peace !

  78. Imtiaj •_•
    Imtiaj •_•
    преди час

    #Ramadan mubaraka all Muslim #Friday

  79. The Abcool
    The Abcool
    преди час

    This song is such a masterpiece.

  80. Hardik
    преди час


  81. Хдхс Бсјдбд
    Хдхс Бсјдбд
    преди час

    great love off georgia people

  82. Lourdes Bernadet
    Lourdes Bernadet
    преди час

    ❤❤❤❤ij love itt soow much

  83. Anibal Albano
    Anibal Albano
    преди час

    Day 18 of me listening to "Peaches" everyday for the rest of 2021

    1. imagination
      преди час


  84. Rebecca Tuohy
    Rebecca Tuohy
    преди час

    Who is the young man who sounds like hot butter melting on my belly? Oh Justin your amazing as well 😋

  85. Ricardo Macedo
    Ricardo Macedo
    преди час


  86. Jake Adams
    Jake Adams
    преди час

    Set it on .75 playback speed for the best vibe known to man.

  87. Manel Ait el kadi
    Manel Ait el kadi
    преди 2 часа

    i was born the same day as justin bieber on march 1

  88. Rakib Khan
    Rakib Khan
    преди 2 часа


  89. deepti batra bajaj
    deepti batra bajaj
    преди 2 часа


  90. S Z
    S Z
    преди 2 часа

    2:16 he looks like KSI

  91. Amos Amos
    Amos Amos
    преди 2 часа

    Everywhere when I entered u tube Instagram twitter google facebook tittok I always saw peaches by jb

  92. GSN Blog
    GSN Blog
    преди 2 часа

    Love from Punjab ♥️ (India)

  93. Ranjan Roy
    Ranjan Roy
    преди 2 часа

    Prince of pop👑 Is Justin Bieber no doubt ❤️

  94. Master Kevin
    Master Kevin
    преди 2 часа


  95. Hoor Nasr
    Hoor Nasr
    преди 2 часа

    Stop treating Haley that we

  96. Dee de
    Dee de
    преди 2 часа


  97. Roque Mark Gaspar
    Roque Mark Gaspar
    преди 2 часа

    Salamat shopee!😀

  98. amar toxic gamer
    amar toxic gamer
    преди 2 часа

    This gave me goosebumps

  99. 안녕하세요
    преди 2 часа

    112,806,188 !!

  100. Oliver Elvins
    Oliver Elvins
    преди 2 часа

    Big Talent up Here