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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.708
- ITZY - In the morning

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'COMEBACK' 거부할 수 없는 'ITZY'의 '마. 피. 아. In the morning' 무대
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  1. Zidni Ilma
    Zidni Ilma
    преди 19 часа

    So cool 😍

  2. Army Pink 💕💜
    Army Pink 💕💜
    преди 22 часа


  3. 29 Ristya Novia Safitri
    29 Ristya Novia Safitri
    преди ден

    Their voice crack But they are amazing 🤩

  4. syakirah atikah
    syakirah atikah
    преди 2 дни

    𝚆𝚍𝚣𝚢 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚒𝚝𝚣𝚢❤️

  5. m ali mustopa
    m ali mustopa
    преди 3 дни


  6. Anne Acosta :(:
    Anne Acosta :(:
    преди 3 дни

    Si me da algo de rabia, cuando hablan del outfit de estas y empiezan a creerse las únicas en usar conceptos así 🙄 CUANDO MONSTA X CREO ESOS DISEÑOS! Almenos den créditos sobre la inspiración ¿No? En fin ese Comeback fue increíble. bgvideo.info/manage/video/l6J-02vPoqKcz9c.html

  7. Barney Wants Your Address
    Barney Wants Your Address
    преди 5 дни

    They sound so good 😊

  8. ⸝⸝Anderson ᵎ ᕁ៹
    ⸝⸝Anderson ᵎ ᕁ៹
    преди 6 дни

    imma the mafia

  9. giss
    преди 6 дни


  10. Aan Maazif Ahmed
    Aan Maazif Ahmed
    преди 7 дни

    Lia improved so much so much So proud of her

  11. Ningningmusicofc
    преди 8 дни

    Elle sont vraiment fatiguée

    преди 9 дни

    유나 넘이쁨 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  13. maze in the mirror
    maze in the mirror
    преди 9 дни

    deep down we all just want to be yuna

  14. Haikal Fahrezi
    Haikal Fahrezi
    преди 9 дни


  15. micel montiel
    micel montiel
    преди 10 дни


  16. Vale SHION
    Vale SHION
    преди 10 дни


  17. TheOnlyDeon
    преди 10 дни

    They singing live and sounds so clear without a loud of backtrack 👍. Me: AUTO STAN

  18. Magnoliac18
    преди 11 дни

    They don't do lipsinc

  19. Andrea Nicoll✧・゚:
    Andrea Nicoll✧・゚:
    преди 15 дни

    Soy la única que cree que en esta canción las chicas se sintieron cómodas?, por que llevan pantalones :)?

  20. army bts BE
    army bts BE
    преди 15 дни


  21. macca's clowny
    macca's clowny
    преди 15 дни

    honestly this is my favorite outfit in this comeback !!!

  22. Wejdan Alqahtani
    Wejdan Alqahtani
    преди 16 дни

    يوويليي رقصهم يججنن😭😭😩😩💖💕💞👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🥵🥵

  23. Fwry Mwty
    Fwry Mwty
    преди 17 дни

    YA PERO LIA A MEJORADO MUCHO EN SU CANTO, Dios, la amo de vdd. estuvieron todas fantásticas

  24. [PK 1]
    [PK 1]
    преди 17 дни


  25. Draw with me
    Draw with me
    преди 17 дни

    Ryujin ❤️

  26. Park Sunghoon's Girlfriend
    Park Sunghoon's Girlfriend
    преди 17 дни

    Remember guys.. Mitm was like their hardest choreo for them but maybe not for us. They have to go through really extreme diet this era. The chorus when they have to sit down(?) it supposed to be all members who are doing that dance.. But lia and chaeryeong suffer from bad knee. So just the three of them doing it. And the first verse by Ryujin where 2shin and Lia need to kneel down like it was so suffering. The floor is not soft as cotton. They didn't wear any knee protection making them suffer from bad knee.. But the ones who suffered the most are 2shin.. They have to use their knee strength in the intro(ryujins part), chorus 2X, and the last chorus. Since promotion has ended i hope they rest well

  27. lockey ❤️
    lockey ❤️
    преди 19 дни


  28. Kevin Phan
    Kevin Phan
    преди 19 дни

    Lia in Ivy Park, Queen wearing Queen

  29. jackief7277 fan
    jackief7277 fan
    преди 19 дни


    преди 20 дни

    Chaeryong I lovr youuuuuuuuu!!!!

  31. J-hope Jin BTS ARMYYY
    J-hope Jin BTS ARMYYY
    преди 20 дни

    I love lia‘s voice

  32. Nurul Syazlina
    Nurul Syazlina
    преди 20 дни

    they cant say itzy are lipsync u can even hear their shoes stomp

  33. nagesh meena
    nagesh meena
    преди 21 ден

    I wish Mcountdown gave itzy a much nicer stage than this for mitm

  34. Florencia Rios
    Florencia Rios
    преди 23 дни

    itzy queens of live vocals while doing hard choreo. stan taltent,stan itzy

  35. Enola Thousand
    Enola Thousand
    преди 23 дни

    Ryujin looks uncomfortable with his wears

  36. Hiatusbolas
    преди 23 дни

    Really good girls

  37. m k
    m k
    преди 25 дни


  38. bella
    преди 25 дни

    Chaeryeong sings so WELL. I wish she had more lines

  39. 노도
    преди 25 дни

    한국인 어디없나 MR제거 보고왔는데 리아 흥해라 있지 전체적으로 댄스고 노래고 다 잘하는데 메보는 진짜 다르더라 목소리부터 안정적이고

  40. Kelp Queen
    Kelp Queen
    преди 28 дни

    Their outfits?!?!

  41. Riya Rahuman
    Riya Rahuman
    преди 28 дни

    Chaeryong and lia is slaying this choreo omagod

  42. Riya Rahuman
    Riya Rahuman
    преди 28 дни

    I love this part so much idk y djdjd 2:20

  43. didn't wanna be a princess, i'm priceless
    didn't wanna be a princess, i'm priceless
    преди 28 дни

    Yuna's outfit omy

  44. Bibah💞
    преди 28 дни

    Cantik cantik

  45. Maizatul Akmam
    Maizatul Akmam
    преди 28 дни

    is their mic open?

  46. choi youngjaesus
    choi youngjaesus
    преди 29 дни

    their stylists knew exactly what they were doing

  47. farhan ab
    farhan ab
    преди 29 дни

    0:59 is that neck crack sound?💀💀💀

  48. Agus Maulana
    Agus Maulana
    преди 29 дни

    ga lipsing dongg mantep banget

  49. [PK 1]
    [PK 1]
    преди месец


  50. zeeny phoria
    zeeny phoria
    преди месец

    Love it

  51. ridha zuchdi
    ridha zuchdi
    преди месец

    This is Yuna and Lia's era. You go girls !

  52. Jessica Angela
    Jessica Angela
    преди месец

    this stage outfit is *chef kiss*

  53. Aneya C
    Aneya C
    преди месец

    Itzy said ‘hell no!’ to lip synching

  54. ненавижу ебучие киви как вы их жрёте
    ненавижу ебучие киви как вы их жрёте
    преди месец

    채영 언니가 춤을 추며 놀란다

  55. lola ensal
    lola ensal
    преди месец

    Their best song so far omg omg Especially yuna she shines here

  56. siti hasneda
    siti hasneda
    преди месец

    ryujin 😩😩😩😩💔💔💔

  57. 유현희
    преди месец

    이게 진짜 라이브지>,

  58. IzzyB
    преди месец

    LIA!!! Ending fairy ♡ beautiful and talented

  59. ぱくたん
    преди месец

  60. A
    преди месец


  61. ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏
    ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏
    преди месец


  62. ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏
    ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏
    преди месец


  63. Mahshid Onsori
    Mahshid Onsori
    преди месец

    I love itzyyyyyyy

  64. Mahshid Onsori
    Mahshid Onsori
    преди месец

    Omg it is amazing

  65. Martha Angelina
    Martha Angelina
    преди месец

    2rb komen lets get it~~

  66. Nur Nadra
    Nur Nadra
    преди месец

    Don't tell me I'm not the only one who hear neck cracks during the first chorus where they swing thier heads😶

  67. lando chiang
    lando chiang
    преди месец

    Though the costumes looks terrible the girls still Rocks! I love this song and the dance.

  68. Imteume
    преди месец

    LIVE VOCALS ✨✨✨✨✨

  69. Blackpink Rosè
    Blackpink Rosè
    преди месец

    The stylist this era needs a raise omg the outfits are amazing

  70. Inet Nathasyaviana
    Inet Nathasyaviana
    преди месец

    That’s why I so excited with Itzy and mamaoo cause they are not lipsync anyway

  71. wil da
    wil da
    преди месец

    ละสายตาจาก Yuna ไม่ได้จริงๆ

  72. Rita N
    Rita N
    преди месец

    1:38 nothing is cooler than Chaeryeong doing this glitching walking

    преди месец

    damn Lia's live vocals sounds exactly as good as the recorded ver

  74. Martha Angelina
    Martha Angelina
    преди месец


  75. raju hazarika
    raju hazarika
    преди месец

    I am new to this fandom can somebody who is who?

  76. Vkook❤️
    преди месец

    Haters :Lia is a bad dancer . Lia: I 'm the mafia

  77. ggukie
    преди месец

    i love their outfits

  78. Tasneem Odwan
    Tasneem Odwan
    преди месец

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  79. Charlie
    преди месец

    This is first time I heard them singing live and even though they're the new band, they're pretty good.

    1. Florencia Rios
      Florencia Rios
      преди 23 дни

      they are known fir singing live

  80. Kaylaaa
    преди месец

    Does anyone hear their foot-step?

  81. ☇ Jiae honcut ⛵: ˀ
    ☇ Jiae honcut ⛵: ˀ
    преди месец

    ☁︎Lo vio ehypen ☁︎

  82. 또또
    преди месец

    썸네일 신류진 미쳤냐....와

    1. ненавижу ебучие киви как вы их жрёте
      ненавижу ебучие киви как вы их жрёте
      преди месец

      그래, 그녀는 너무 예뻐

  83. qtrosepetals
    преди месец

    I’m sorry but I don’t like this comeback, it sound like a Kaachi song to me and I don’t have anything against ITZY or Kaachi but the lyrics just don’t fit the instrumental at all

    преди месец

    THE O U T F I T S 🔥

  85. りりぴ
    преди месец


  86. りりぴ
    преди месец


  87. Azhari Azhari
    Azhari Azhari
    преди месец

    It sounds like mr removed 😱 ..

  88. KOOKIE honey
    KOOKIE honey
    преди месец

    The amount of solo stans in the comments can give a run to blackpink solo stans for sure. Anyways the outfits are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  89. Fieshs
    преди месец

    hearing their steps at 0:58 is so satisfying

  90. yan Tsz
    yan Tsz
    преди месец

    Yeji So few parts

  91. 류숭류숭
    преди месец

    마인모 첫 1위 정말 축하해요‼️ 이번 컴백 준비기간과 무대 완성도만 봐도 얼마나 많은 땀을 흘렸을지 예상이 돼요..👍🏻 사실 이번 앨범은 많이 새롭고 도전적이었던 것 같은데 이렇게 1위를 해서 도전이 성공했음을 보여줬네요 🖤🖤 이번 활동도 무사히 마쳤으면 좋겠고 비록 먼발치에서긴 하지만 믿지로서 열심히 응원할게요🌼 우리 끝까지 함께 달려요 있지 믿지 날자 ‼️‼️🥴🥴

  92. Disss
    преди месец

    is lia not in a good health or? bcs only her who not performed all out like others..

  93. stay see
    stay see
    преди месец

    they're so powerful

  94. stay see
    stay see
    преди месец

    999 k

  95. Diri Sendiri
    Diri Sendiri
    преди месец

    ITZY : what is lipsync??

  96. [PK 1]
    [PK 1]
    преди месец


  97. Mônica Mello
    Mônica Mello
    преди месец

    A Lia é tão linda, mds AaaaaaaaaaaA

  98. Yuli Dwi Nur C
    Yuli Dwi Nur C
    преди месец


  99. -R-
    преди месец

    جبببيييتتت 🔥👏👏

  100. Lunaes Msp
    Lunaes Msp
    преди месец

    This is Yuna's era. Her confidence is popping off!