[GOT2DAY 2019] 17. Mark & BamBam

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[GOT2DAY 2019] 17. Mark & BamBam
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  1. Hakan Çakmak
    Hakan Çakmak
    преди 19 дни


  2. Papatch Ketsomphong
    Papatch Ketsomphong
    преди месец


  3. 小喧
    преди месец

    MTBB너무 보고싶어서..ㅠㅠ

  4. Angeline Bena
    Angeline Bena
    преди месец

    When they talked about things so randomly but I’m still so happpy watching this, I felt like I’ve learned a lot lmao

  5. Sulochana rijal
    Sulochana rijal
    преди 2 месеца

    relatable 50% off bambam: discount is my weakness :D

  6. bam's dandelion
    bam's dandelion
    преди 2 месеца

    everytime i watch this video, its so clear how comfortable mark is with bambam and vice versa. i miss them together already!!!

  7. Shujia Yap
    Shujia Yap
    преди 2 месеца

    Mark: Just 애기.. Bambam: What 애기? 😂😂😂

  8. Y45m33n Ali
    Y45m33n Ali
    преди 2 месеца


  9. susani agustina
    susani agustina
    преди 2 месеца

    And now they're missing each other after Mark back to LA,bambam just share a cover song (GOT7) called never on his Twitter,i can feel how is bambam right now,we Miss you guys

  10. Jaruwan Indrapan
    Jaruwan Indrapan
    преди 2 месеца


  11. 97
    преди 2 месеца

    Theyre literally like brothers the way they banter and bicker 🤣

  12. mark tuan
    mark tuan
    преди 2 месеца

    markbam always have a soft spot in my heart 🥺💕

  13. 푸른
    преди 2 месеца

    내사랑 나의사랑 마크♥뱀뱀💕

  14. F l i m เ ก ม ส์ เ ม อ ร์ T V
    F l i m เ ก ม ส์ เ ม อ ร์ T V
    преди 3 месеца

    GOT7FOREVER 💖 Love Got7 💚💖 Love MARK Yi En Tuan 🐊💖 BAMBAM 🐍🐦 13/1/2021💖MTBB

  15. Hyunjin Hairband Meme
    Hyunjin Hairband Meme
    преди 3 месеца

    me when they switch to korean in the middle of a sentence; 😳

  16. zerowo
    преди 4 месеца

    Cant they have short film? :>

  17. Ahgase GOT7
    Ahgase GOT7
    преди 5 месеца

    miss you guys

  18. TR_ 04
    TR_ 04
    преди 5 месеца

    Lloro con la dedicartoria de Mark, mi vidaa!!!

  19. defsbeom
    преди 6 месеца

    i keep coming back at least once a month

  20. Nan Maw C&T Vlog
    Nan Maw C&T Vlog
    преди 6 месеца

    love to watch this . make me smile a lot . like the way they talk with each other in two language.

  21. dyeseke tuan
    dyeseke tuan
    преди 6 месеца

    Mark's message on the last part is so heartwarming. The best hyung 🥺🥺🥺

  22. Awesome Matoki
    Awesome Matoki
    преди 6 месеца

    Watching all GOT2Day shows now, so calming.

  23. dyeseke tuan
    dyeseke tuan
    преди 7 месеца

    MTBB 😂❤️

  24. Ainun Andiani jamal
    Ainun Andiani jamal
    преди 7 месеца

    Is got7 not living in a dorm?

    1. Ana Sofía Galicia López
      Ana Sofía Galicia López
      преди 5 месеца

      No, they are living on their own.

  25. Ainun Andiani jamal
    Ainun Andiani jamal
    преди 7 месеца

    Apa got7 tidak tinggal di asrama?

  26. Noochy Ketsarin
    Noochy Ketsarin
    преди 7 месеца


  27. Dian Sari
    Dian Sari
    преди 7 месеца

    Oya..2 oppa ini sepertinya humble person..

  28. Dian Sari
    Dian Sari
    преди 7 месеца

    Oppa bam..rambutnya bagus

  29. Dian Sari
    Dian Sari
    преди 7 месеца

    Emang dua oppa ini cool x ya...

  30. Letícia Sousa
    Letícia Sousa
    преди 7 месеца

    Mds passou tão rápido esses 8min

  31. ฟรังฟรัง โฟน
    ฟรังฟรัง โฟน
    преди 7 месеца


  32. Peachy Soul
    Peachy Soul
    преди 7 месеца

    its almost a year already

  33. Little _bear
    Little _bear
    преди 7 месеца

    Mark Bam

  34. cherys
    преди 8 месеца

    Mmmmm sorry but that was jinyoung's gotoon instead of bambam's right? hahahha

  35. Purplewaves
    преди 8 месеца

    Mark: it's so cool to see you grow! Bambam: where's my present? I love them sm😂

  36. นิตยา วงศิริ
    นิตยา วงศิริ
    преди 8 месеца


  37. นิตยา วงศิริ
    นิตยา วงศิริ
    преди 8 месеца


  38. Maudi Aprilia Kartika
    Maudi Aprilia Kartika
    преди 8 месеца

    I really love markbam!!!

  39. Yeye Kids
    Yeye Kids
    преди 8 месеца

    ย้อนดูรายการเก่าก่อนดูเทปนี้ แบมๆ เปลี่ยนไปมาก แต่มาร์คนี่ไม่เปลี่ยนเลยนะคะ น้องโตทันพี่แล้ว หน้าพี่หยุดอายุรอน้องใช่ไหมนี่

  40. Kamolluck Kamolluck
    Kamolluck Kamolluck
    преди 8 месеца

    Love MarkBambam.

  41. waiting for you
    waiting for you
    преди 9 месеца


  42. คิดถึ้ง มาร์ค
    คิดถึ้ง มาร์ค
    преди 10 месеца


  43. F l i m เ ก ม ส์ เ ม อ ร์ T V
    F l i m เ ก ม ส์ เ ม อ ร์ T V
    преди 10 месеца

    Love Got7 💚💜💖 Love MARK Yi En Tuan 🐊💖 BAMBAM 🐍💝✌️✌️🐦

  44. Sunun Dangthamdee
    Sunun Dangthamdee
    преди 10 месеца

    Love you.Got7...and like to see you stay together. ❤✌✌

  45. MM
    преди 10 месеца

    Bambam living the best life! Waaaah. 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  46. 다정의아이콘
    преди 10 месеца

    집에서 수영...!

  47. Forscythe Jones
    Forscythe Jones
    преди 10 месеца

    It's so funny how many people in the comments are astonished to MarkBam switching language so often. It is not uncommon to see Asian households with multiple languages spoken.

  48. Sana Potter
    Sana Potter
    преди 11 месеца

    Half the episode was about Housewarming Party and Presents...

  49. CJ Perez
    CJ Perez
    преди 11 месеца

    Omg Bam.. Love all those colorful glasses you're wearing everytime

  50. ChiMin13
    преди 11 месеца

    Love how casual Mark is with bam. 🖤

  51. คิดถึ้ง มาร์ค
    คิดถึ้ง มาร์ค
    преди 11 месеца


  52. Angie Thanaphatchirametha
    Angie Thanaphatchirametha
    преди 11 месеца

    MarkBam my love 🥰🥰💕

  53. gerviet_beat
    преди 11 месеца

    "my most serious conversation was with Yugyeom" *showing clip where they talk about shaving* XD hahahaa

  54. gerviet_beat
    преди 11 месеца

    In case there are recent viewers....Can anyone see the HUGE difference between 2016 GOT2DAY and 2019 GOT2DAY when Mark was thinking he is boring but 2019 you can see him talk naturally and is much closer to all of them? I'm so proud :(((

  55. 니카
    преди 11 месеца

    This is like how international fans talk in twitter, they'd start the tweet in english then would end it with their native language lol

  56. Raven
    преди 11 месеца

    So BamBam definitely watches zit popping videos lol

  57. __
    преди 11 месеца

    근데 나 2020 갓투데이 벌써부터 보고싶은데 만들어주면 안대나 혹시 ~~~~?

  58. tommo kookie
    tommo kookie
    преди 11 месеца

    Bambam’s night routine is so endearing 🥺🥺🥺

  59. สวย สวย
    สวย สวย
    преди 11 месеца

    Wait for got2day2020

  60. Sarah Mai
    Sarah Mai
    преди 11 месеца

    What's the blackhead thing ?

  61. Rin Sone
    Rin Sone
    преди 11 месеца

    Young and rich and handsome Mark BamBam

  62. Afiqah Pisah
    Afiqah Pisah
    преди 11 месеца

    Mark deep voice just wowww

  63. muthita muthita
    muthita muthita
    преди година


  64. JN
    преди година

    bam become so much quiet when he's with mark

    1. Kopiko Venti
      Kopiko Venti
      преди 11 месеца

      but before mark always shuts bb up 😂😂

    2. Arisa Bkz
      Arisa Bkz
      преди 11 месеца

      They're just comfortable with each other

    3. JN
      преди година

      (they talk so softt)

  65. kaffe ludz
    kaffe ludz
    преди година

    Do all member don’t live together in the dorm?

  66. Lorena Nguyen
    Lorena Nguyen
    преди година


  67. nusa nus
    nusa nus
    преди година

    Bamban is really talkative. I envy him. He has always a conversation theme

  68. Noinar sosweet
    Noinar sosweet
    преди година

    sup thai 🙏🙏🙏

  69. พิสมัย บุตรอุดม
    พิสมัย บุตรอุดม
    преди година


    1. Kamolluck Kamolluck
      Kamolluck Kamolluck
      преди 8 месеца

      แบมแบมแกดูปกติมากแต่มาร์คนี่เขินๆอ่ะไม่ค่อยมองกล้องแถมระดับโทนเสียงของพี่แกนี่มีหล่าย levelมากๆ..เขินอ่ะ

  70. Ching IGOTNCTzen7
    Ching IGOTNCTzen7
    преди година

    MTBB 😍😍😍

  71. KoiiNTN PPM
    KoiiNTN PPM
    преди година


  72. MTBB Tuan
    MTBB Tuan
    преди година

    So cute MTBB , I love you guys MTBB

  73. Nattaon Chawbangruk
    Nattaon Chawbangruk
    преди година


  74. Ladda Chaiburee
    Ladda Chaiburee
    преди година


  75. milocupcake
    преди година

    Got7's bonding feels natural 💚

  76. milocupcake
    преди година


  77. Devy Aulia
    Devy Aulia
    преди година

    so they have never experienced having blackhead before? okay.

  78. Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis
    преди година


  79. Daniillee
    преди година

    BamBams laugh and marks voice together ☺️😍

  80. 1A1N ANNA
    1A1N ANNA
    преди година

    VOTE FOR MARK+BAMBAM 👬 HASHTAG ➡︎ #bestfriendandcouple2019season3 LINK HERE➡︎ instagram.com/p/B4AF_I_pLkx/?igshid=doycwud04fee

  81. Baby you belong to ME
    Baby you belong to ME
    преди година

    I don't know why I feel shy when watching these two.

  82. Natasya Febrilia
    Natasya Febrilia
    преди година

    Mark is such a memorizing person, he always remember the details

  83. EliKat
    преди година

    I love how they'll start speaking in english and end in Korean or start in Korean and end in english. Ah, the life of multilinguals

  84. yuqicutie
    преди година

    < )

  85. yuqicutie
    преди година

    my 2 biases ^^

  86. Eyes on you
    Eyes on you
    преди година


  87. Mavis in blue
    Mavis in blue
    преди година

    These guys 😭😭 ....its 2 am here n I'm hungry now

  88. daw chaisongkram
    daw chaisongkram
    преди година

    So cute MTBB

  89. Vanessa Rocha
    Vanessa Rocha
    преди година

  90. TwinkleWinks2
    преди година

    Huh blackheads on the arm’s skin?

  91. moj C
    moj C
    преди година

    ที่มันสั้นแค่ 8นาทีกว่า สงสัย มันสวีทมากไป หรือ คนพี่มันจีบน้องในรายการวะ เสียง345นี่มา ฝรั่งยังคิดเลย😁

  92. got7 mark عاشقة
    got7 mark عاشقة
    преди година

    markbam 😘😘😘😘😘

  93. Panparima _GOT7
    Panparima _GOT7
    преди година

    BamBam so cute.😍😍🐊🐍💚💚

  94. Hunter Piece
    Hunter Piece
    преди година

    Them talking in mix kor and eng is so cute.. lol

  95. Hunter Piece
    Hunter Piece
    преди година

    'Ohmygaad NO JINJI in GOT2DAY' 😂😂😂😂

  96. putri ayu
    putri ayu
    преди година

    thankyou thailand, always makes got feels safe and happy! u all are truly igot7 ): soproud

  97. 綾那小林
    преди година


  98. SL
    преди година

    You realised it's the AmeriThaiKong who love talking about birthday presents or lack of LOL

    1. Chailai Boonchob
      Chailai Boonchob
      преди година

      Only them three do that...5555

  99. Birdie03.24
    преди година

    Mark got animated with the conversation....about pimples. I will never understand men but go on.

  100. Bamgon Kathinthong
    Bamgon Kathinthong
    преди година

    I love you so much Mark bambam